68 Main Street
Also seen listed as 216 Broadway on Insurance maps
Midland , Maryland

Midland, like many of  Maryand's smaller towns had an Opera House , located on the second floor of 224-225 Broadway, complete with a stage. The Opera House was located next to " Iron Bridge" over George's Creek, according to a insurance map of the era. A check of the FDA ( Film Daily Yearbook ) showed a Valley Theatre listed for the town in 1931, but by 1945, it was the Midland Theatre at 68 Main Street , seating between 250 and 300 people. The Midland was listed through the 1950's. We have also seen addresses listed as 216 Broadway, and a check of that location found an empty lot, just about where you see the mailboxs in the picture above. Main Street , now known as Back Street, may have also housed a movie house, but the location is now a vacant lot.