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Kilduffs continues North on US Route 40, from Rossville Blvd to Rt 152 in Harford County. If you missed the trip from Baltimore City to Rossville Blvd, see the link above.

Hawkins Motor Court ( Site )
Pulaski Highway ( U.S. 40 ) at Middle River Rd.
5 miles north of Baltimore City Line
(Southeast corner of the intersection )

      " Clean - Comfortable - Up-to-date Cottages
        Beauty Rest Mattress, Title Bath and Hot Water Heat
         7 mi. East of Baltimore, on U.S. 40 at Middle River Road"

    The first motel you come across when traveling out of Baltimore City, after passing over Rossville Blvd would have been  the Hawkins Motor Court, which also housed a Amoco Gas Station. The gas station and motel were on the southeast corner of the intersection of Pulaski Highway at Middle River Road. There is currently a modern gas station on that corner and nothing appears to have survived of the old motel / motor court, which was torn down by the 1970's.

Hawkins Motoe Court Baltimore US 40 Pulaski Highway .....

Hawkins Motor Court Pulaski Highway Baltimore

Hawkins Motor Court Baltimore
..Hawkins Motor Court Baltimore

.Hawkins Motel Baltimore Middle River
.Hawkins Service Station Baltimore
.Hawkins Motor Court, Baltimore Maryland Circa 1950s

The Curb Carry Out

5 miles North of Baltimore City Line

    Located on Rt 40. It was located around the Middle River Road intersection. My best guess at this time is just North ( East ) of the Hawkins Motor Court, on the other side of Middle River Road, but at this point, that's just a guess. I have also found ads that list it at Rt 40 and Rt 7, which would much closer to the City .

              Side Carry out .............

Colonial Motel
5 miles north of Baltimore City Line

  U..S. 40 Pulaski Highway, northeast of Middle River Road. I'm not too sure on the history of this place,but it still appears to be open and operating.  Used to go by the name of the Colonial Motor Court and Colonial Court Cabins.

                    Motel Baltimore

.Colonial Motor Court Baltimore .
Colonial Hotel Baltimore.

Star Motel
U.S. 40 Pulaski Highway , northeast of Middle River Road
5 miles north of Baltimore City Line ( right next to Colonial Motel )

    Right next to the Colonial Motel. Once again, I'm not too sure about much of the history of this Motel as well, but at last check , it appears to still be in operation. A recent photo can be seen under the postcard view.

                  Motel Baltimore
.Star Motel Baltimore Pulaski Highway US 40

Star Motel Baltimore

..Paddock Diner White MarshMaryland
..Does anyone remember this one ? Believe this goes back to the 1930's.
..Got an email that said the Diner lasted into the 1980's

.Baltimore Raceway Ad 1960

              Supper Club Ad

Motel Carlton
Pulaski Highway - US 40 East

" Located on U.S. Route 40 at Whitemarsh, Md.
5 Miles North of Baltimore
28 luxuriously furnished rooms, Mengal bload-oak furniture. Beauty-Rest box springs and mattresses, wall-to-wall carpets, private ceramic tile baths, hot water heat, cross ventilation, television."
    The Carlton is still open and operating to this day.
                Carlton White Marsh Maryland

........Carlton Motel White Marsh

CarltonMotel Baltimore

Rt 40 at Reames Road ( Site )
Baltimore County, Maryland (White Marsh )

     Well, I've gotten several emails on this place,and it appears it was never quite a diner. Seems it was a strip club ( "Topless bar" )  called Charlotte's in the 1970's and 1980's. Apparently, there were trailers in the back of this place, back in the day, for those " activities " that continued on from inside the club. I still don't know if they served food or not .........As of 2015, the building is gone and the lot is overgrown.

Thanks to Brian, Lisa, and everyone else for the help on this one !

              40 Pulaski Highway White MArsh

Blue Star Motel
White Marsh , Maryland
  8Miles North of Baltimore Line

In June 0f 2008 , the Blue Star Motel was torn down to make way for some type of new building. It only took two days to knock down the old Motel, which stood since the 1950's. In the early 1960's, it went by the name of the Burgundy Motel, as seen, in the last postcard.

Blue Star Motel Baltimore

              Start Motel Baltimore
.Blue Star Motel Baltimore

Williamsburg Inn
Rt 40
White Marsh, Baltimore County Maryland.
8 miles North of Baltimore City Line
   The Williamsburg Inn is still operating and looks to be in fine condition. The motel has a restaurant and just north of that a motel.
  " The Best in Food & Overnight Accommodations - Air - Conditioning -
     Swimming Pool - Telephones - Free Television "

.Williamsburg Inn Baltimore Rt 40  

Williamsburg Inn White Marsh Maryland

.Williamsburg Inn White Marsh MAryland

.Williamsburg Inn White MArsh MAryland

.Williamsburg Inn White Marsh Maryland

Williamsburg Inn White Marsh

Pulaski Drive In
White Marsh Maryland

8 1/2 miles North of Baltimore City Line
    The sign you see here was torn down in the 1990's. All that remained was the poles that once held the sign up. The screens were still up, but covered by trees, as the entire area was overgrown. Fast forward to 2008 and the entire site has been graded and undergoing construction work. No trace of the Drive In exists today !


Fullerton Towing
Rt 40 - Pulaski Highway
10 miles north of Baltimore City Line

       The Fullerton Towing lot looks like it may once have been a old hotel. Anyone know the history of this place ???? I have gotten some tips ( Thank you ! ) but the mystery remains........

...............US 40
              Baltimore Bradshaw Pulaski Highway

House of Riley
Rt 40 Pulaski Highway
actually 9 miles north of Baltimore City Line
( Looks like it was on the Southwest Corner of Rt 40 and Allender and has been razed years ago )
    " The House of Riley " U.S. Route 40, 14 miles North of Baltimore, Md. A Favorite of Tourists. Dinners and Delicious Sandwiches."
      It seems that this restaurant might have been on the hill at Allender Road, but that is just a guess.  (  Thanks Albert ! )
.House of Riley Baltimore Maryland

Belgian Village
  "11 Miles North of Baltimore - U.S. Route 40 "
At the Northeast Corner of Rt 40 and Jones Rd.
    "No longer need one cross the Atlantic to visit a Flemish village and enjoy its quaintness and charm. The Belgian Village is a replica of a little Belgian town. Each little house contains one or more rooms with a private bath. Meals are served in the Town Hall. Open all year. Steam heated. Belgian Village, Bradshaw Md. "

..Belgian Village Bradshaw Maryland
 From what I can gather, the Belgian Village was later converted into a 76 Truck Stop gas , which was later torn down in the mid 1980's, if you look carefully at the postcard , lower right, you can see part of the old Belgian Village still standing behind the gas pumps. . This would have been right across from the TV Court Motel Complex, which was torn down a few years ago. There is absolutely no trace of the complex today, which is currently a field. 
Thanks again Albert !

  Belgian Village Bradshaw Maryland Rt 40
.Belgian Village Bradshaw Maryland

Belgian Village Baltimore
.Village Truck Centre Bradshaw Maryland
Look just behind the pumps and you can clearly see the old Belgian Village surviving into the 1960's.

T.V. Motel
U.S. Rt 40   
9 miles north of Baltimore City Line
     This motel complex is no longer standing. They are now large piles of dirt around the complex, and the buildings survived up until 2009 , before being torn down . Back in 2007 , I came across the vacant complex, seen in the photos below. At first I thought it was Belgian Village, but I've been told that Belgian Village was off of the northbound lanes of Pulaski Highway, and a little further up, towards Joppatowne.

              Motel Bradshaw Maryland

.Bradshaw Maryland motel Site
.Bradshaw Maryland Rt 40 Motel site
Bradshaw Maryland Pulaski Highway Motel Site

Hotel Vagabond
Rt 40 , near Joppatowne Maryland
10 miles north of Baltimore City Line
     The old Vagabond Motel is just north of the motel complex ( noted above ) , on the southbound side of U.S. Route 40. The Motel still stands and is still operated to this day.
   "U.S. Highway 40...15 miles North of Baltimore , Bradshaw, Maryland
     Tiled Showers, Central Hot Water Heat, Rooms with TV and Radio
     Cross Ventilation"
..Vagabond Motel Bradshaw Maryland

Vagabond Motel Bradshaw Rt 40 Maryland

..Vagabond Motel Bradshaw Maryland

.Pine Grove Tourist Camp Bradshaw Maryland Pulaski
                  Highway US 40 ............
Pine Grove Tourist Camp
U.S. 40 Pulaski Highway
Bradshaw, Maryland

12 1/2 miles north of Baltimore City Line
(West side of the road)

   This old motel was located at the intersection of Rt 40 and Oak Street , a little south of Rt 152 ( Mountain Road ) .Nothing of the old motel exists today.
   ( Thanks Terry ! )

.......Magnolia Diner Joppa Maryland Rt 40 
Magnolia Diner
Pulaski Highway just south of Rt152
Edgewood, Harford County, Maryland
13 1/2 miles north of Baltimore City Line

Gone as of Nov 2009 .


The old Magnolia diner along Rt 40 in Edgewood Maryland. Currently used as a auto salvage lot office.You can see the old metal silver and red on one side that is peeling off. 

Thanks to Terry for the information.
Magnolia Diner

Lakeside Motel and Restaurant
Pulaski Highway Southeast Corner at Rt 152
Edgewood , Harford County, Maryland.
13 Miles north of Baltimore City Line
         I have located this Motel and Lakeside Restaurant on northbound Rt40 at Rt 152. The lake is still there and there are motel rooms along the lake. The restaurant came down years ago, but the motel is still operating !
( Thanks Again to Terry ! )
...Lakeside Rest Joppa Md

Lakeside Restaurant Joppa Maryland
.Lakeside Motel
 "Lakeside Motel located 18 miles north of Baltimore, Md. on U.S. Route 40. Modern radiant heated rooms, wall to wall carpet, Beautyrest mattresses, fully air conditioned. Unique for its lake, landscaping, swimming pool and fishing. 600 ft from the main road for quiet and comfort. Restaurant , convenient phone in every room."
              Motel Joppa Md

.Lakeside Motel Joppa MAryland

Kilduffs continues the tour north on U.S. Route 40 from Rt 152 to Rt 543 in Belcamp. Click below for more.
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