The Gingerbread Boy

Would a fox really like the taste of gingerbread ? Bernie Paul could not answer that important fact, but he sure could remember the following lines :
" Run Run Run, you can't get me ,
I'm the gingerbread boy.
I run away from the lady, and I run from the man, "

..........................Scene from the Ginderbread Boy

From the Paul's Puppets Collection

Gingerbread Boy
Hand Puppet

Bernie Paul and the Gingerbread Boy handpuppet.
Thomas Paul Photo -2003
Old Lady from Gingerbread Boy
Hand Puppet

Gingerbread Box
Marionette - Awaiting Auction  - 2005
Thomas Paul Photo

Unless otherwise noted - Images Thanks to Richard Opfer Auctions .

Old Man from Gingerbread Boy
Hand Puppet