Ads for the New Theatre on this page are from 1910 to 1932.
    For later years, check out this page .

Ad for the New theatre, Baltimore  1917
   The New Theatre had the honor and misfortune of being on the same street as two of Baltimore larger movie houses,  The Century and Keith's. And yet , the New Theatre continues to stand in 2004 after both the larger theatres were torn down years ago. The future for the New Theatre looks bleak though, as major plans have the entire area undergoing a renewal project.
Old Ad New Theatre
  The theatre ads on this page are from old papers in Baltimore for the New Theatre. Having neighbors , such as the Century and Keith's made the New a " second rate " house as far as maany locals were concerned. The New Theatre always had colorful ads however, even if the movie it showed weren't considered " top rated".
Old ad New Theater Baltimore   
New Theatre Baltimore ad circa 1920

Old movie theater  New Theatre
   As long as movie theatres in Baltimore have been putting ads in newspapers, the New Theatre was well represented.  These ads from the 1920's show the trend for more artistic ads to attract movie goers attention.
Old New theatre Ad Baltimore Maryland

1929 New Theatr ead

Carol Lombard Ad for the New theatre