Below are a few shots of the Century Theatre in Baltimore City. The old theatre was torn down in 1962 to make way for the urban renewal project known as Charles Center. The Century opened in 1921 and the Valencia, the sister theatre opened in 1926, just above the Century. There is no trace of the old theatres at all today.
Century Theatre on Lexington Street
    Looking east on Lexington Street in the 1950's, from Liberty Street. On the left hand side you can clearly see the giant marquee of the Loew's Century Theatre.

   A 2004 look from that same location. Charles Center even absorbed the Unit block of West Lexington Street, which has been open to only foot traffic since the project opened.

Baltimore's Century Theater
    Looking west on Lexington Street from Charles Street, you can see the Century's marquee on the right.

Unit block West Lexington Street Baltimore
    The same look on westbound Lexington Street from Charles Street today.

Razing the interior of the Century theatre
     Behind these seats in the Century Theatre, the razing begins and the theatre comes down. The gap behind the seats in Lexington Street as the old theatre cokes down in 1962.

Lexington Street in Baltimore as the Century Theatr ecomes down
    Looking west on Lexington Street towards Liberty Street as the front of the LOEW'S CENTURY marquee hangs in the street .

aerial shot of the Century Theatre
      A rare shot looking down on the Century/Valencia Theatres. The large lit sign hung over Liberty Street for years, and was visible as you traveled down Lexington Street for blocks.

Razed blocks for Charles Center
    The Charles Center Project called for clearing out entire blocks around the Unit block of Lexington Street, which included the Century Theatre. This view is looking north from Baltimore Street to Lexington Street, where the Century Theatre had just been torn down.

Baltimore's charles centetr
     A new downtown Baltimore was born out of the Charles Center Project. The plans even called for a small theater , the Tower Theatre, to continue showing movies. The Tower Theatre lasted for only a few years before closing down.

What relpaced the old block
     When Charles Center was completed , this is how the unit block of West Lexington Street looked. View is looking to the East.
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